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Update, at last

Posted by rwday on November 19, 2007

I’ve been awfully quiet around here – sorry about that.  It’s just hard to update a writing blog when you’re not actually doing any writing.  I won’t say I had writers’ block because I don’t really believe in writers’ block – any time I’ve ever been ‘blocked’ the real problem is that I lacked the discipline to sit myself down in a chair and make myself write, even if what comes out is crap.

 Crap can be revised into good writing. A blank page is pretty much useless unless you’re making paper airplanes.

 One of the facts I made myself face during my lazy period was that I’m not a good enough writer to do justice to Fimbulvetr at this time.  I love  the characters, the world, the story too much to do a half-assed job with it, and considering the most POVs I’ve ever worked with, really, is 2, doing 8+, all major characters was seriously bogging me down.  So I’ve set it aside.  I will return to it, but what I need to do right now, what I really need to do if I’m to continue to call myself a writer, is to finish something.  Anything.

 The work I’ve got closest to finished state is Peregrinatio.  I’ve done all the research, have the basic plot completely blocked out, and am working with 2 major characters and maybe 3-4 minor ones.  One of the reasons I abandoned it in the first place was a fear that it wouldn’t sell.  Though it has elements of a love story, it’s not ‘romantic enough’ to be a romance (though I could change that in revision).  I’m not sure it has the depth to be a serious historical piece a la Dorothy Dunnett, but I think it could rise to the level of Cecelia Holland or Anya Seton.

And in any case, the ultimate fate of the novel isn’t something I can worry about right now.  I just need to finish the damn thing, and tell the story the way it wants to be told, not get bogged down in worrying about whether the POV is ‘deep’ enough for a romance, or whatever.  If it never sells, so be it, but at least it will be DONE.

So I’m back in 12th century Jerusalem, taking a few days to refamiliarize myself with my research, doing some short character studies to get back in the groove and starting Friday at the latest, I’m going to crank out 2k words a day, even if they’re utter and total crap.  Even if they’re just me writing the same sentence over and over again.  There will be words.


4 Responses to “Update, at last”

  1. Erastes said

    Hurrah. Good for you!

  2. Erastes said

    Oh – and don’t forget to change evremonde’s wordpress on your blogroll, she’s Hayden Thorne now.

    Any chance of adding me? *puppy eyes *

  3. rwday said

    Erastes – added your shiny new website, of course! (And fixed Evremonde too)

  4. Hayden said

    Hmm. I’m sure your novel will still sell even if it doesn’t have “enough” romance in it. IF the romance happens, it happens, but I’d be interested in reading your novel as it is now. 🙂 The premise in itself is fascinating, and I’ve yet to read a novel that focuses on the Templars.

    If it never sells, so be it, but at least it will be DONE.

    Good for you! I’ll probably change that a bit and say “if it doesn’t sell right now” since market trends fluctuate wildly.

    Good luck with your Templars! Hope to see your baby in print someday.

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