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Not dead yet…

Posted by rwday on January 28, 2008

Woah. I haven’t updated this thing since November.  I doubt anybody’s reading, and that’s okay – this is more for me than anyone else at this point.

 What’s been happening writing-wise?  Well, I’ve received a few rejections on short stories, all positive and encouraging, but somehow even that hasn’t encouraged me enough to 1) send those stories back out or 2) write more stories. 

I picked up an Alphasmart Neo, and oddly enough, that state of the art 80’s technology has done more to get me writing again than the fancy laptop and all the rest.  I think it’s the fact that the Neo doesn’t do anything else but process words.  No Internet, no email.  It does make it hard to reference my notes and research while I’m writing, so my manuscript is all full of (insert here) and minor characters named ??, but that’s not an insurmountable obstacle.  It’s also very portable, though every time I bring it to work, the security fascists freak till I show them my ID badge. (I’ve worked here 5 years.  5 years of coming through security and they still half the time forget that I work here.  *fumes*)

I’ve been slowly poking Fimbulvetr, which will undoubtedly get a new, less obscure title at some point, but I’m fighting a huge urge to set it aside and go back to the mystery – I really wish I could manage to write two novels at once, but when I’m ‘on’ with a novel, I live it, and I can’t be that schizophrenic. Truth be told, I’m not ‘on’ about Fim, or any other novel right now. I think what I really need is a new project to get excited about.  Something that wouldn’t take too much research, as research has a tendency to distract me and become an end in itself.  But knowing me, any new project would likely just join the long list of WiPs I’ve already got. 

 I have no idea what my problem is – I know I can finish a book.  In addition to Thaw, I’ve got 3 other completed novels sitting on my hard drive.  I’ve been spending a lot of time costuming, weaving, doing home renovation, and grad school essays/applications and I’m beginning to think that I only have a limited pool of creativity to draw from and it’s all being used for non-writing tasks.  How’s that for pretentious crap?  Seriously, it’s not a creativity problem – it’s an ass in chair problem, as in I need to get my ass in the chair and write.  I have the skill, I just don’t know if I have the will.

 Well, not much of an update, but it’s a start.  Going to go edit my submissions stats page to reflect those rejections.


8 Responses to “Not dead yet…”

  1. Marion said

    Still reading here, still interested – as much in the ‘process’ as in the final result!

    (By the way, I looked up the Neo – I was wondering if it would be suitable for my mother, but I’m not sure if she could read the tiny screen. All she needs is something that she can write letters on, and print off two copies. I’ll see if I can print off the info for her!)

  2. Erastes said

    I’m still here and waving too!

  3. rwday said

    Marion – glad you’re here!

    About the Neo – if your mother has any sort of diminished vision, it might not work well for her. The screen isn’t backlit and it is very small, though you can adjust the font size to make the text larger.

  4. rwday said

    Erastes – thanks, hon. *hugs*

  5. Hayden said

    I’m still reading, too. It’s always inspiring keeping up with other writers’ journals. Incidentally, I’m reworking my links on my blog and got you down using your website’s link, not your blog’s. Does it matter which one to use?

  6. rwday said


    Glad you’re still around! Doesn’t matter to me, the web site is fine. Knowing your linked to it might get me to actually update the thing.

  7. gynocrat said

    I visit, through the RSS.

    About the ass in the chair problem…I’m suffering the same right now. Revisions on my new book are moving at a snails pace because I’m ‘finding’ other things to do for myself. 😦

  8. aviv said

    Please release another book. You’re too good to stop 😦

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