Rebecca Day

Back in the saddle, I hope

Posted by rwday on February 12, 2008

I achieved writing yesterday.  Have no idea how it happened, but something, possibly John Scalzi’s great post on money for writers, provided the ass-kicking I’ve so desperately needed. I got off the laptop, went into my office and started to make some sense out of my short stories – checking markets for resubs, dealing with the multiplicity of versions that have erupted like mushrooms as I’ve moved between my home PC, my laptop, my work PC.

 And then I opened Dreams of Houses and re-read it for the first time in a year or more.  It’s not bad.  Actually, it’s damn good in parts, abysmal in others, and is altogether publishable with some work, I think.  Dreams is a modern Lovecraftian gothic set in a house that’s essentially based on Westover Plantation .  It’s amazing how much clearer I can see what needs to be done to it after letting it sit so long, and how less attached I am to some of the scenes that really have to be axed.  It started as a novelette, then was rewritten into a novel (much like Thaw was), and what works in short form is not necessarily what works in a novel and vice versa.

 So, I think one of the ways I use my upcoming time off will be to intensively edit this novel and send it out to collect some rejection slips.

 Also on the dock, continuing with the reorganization of files. Seriously, between versions on flash drives, versions on various PCs and the Mac, I have no idea which version is ‘authoritative,’ and I can’t keep track of what I’ve updated recently.  I have a nasty habit with short stories – I start story after story, working on the beginnings, then set them aside, then come back to them at various times.  I need to consolidate my files and then force myself to either finish or abandon these WiPs.  Either they’re crap and they need to be trunked, or they’ve got potential and I need to write them and send them off.

Fimbulvetr is also coming along – slow progress, but steady.  The Neo really does work for drafting quite well, though I find I have to have my PC open so I can look at notes at least occasionally.  There are just too many plotlines and characters to keep track in my head, plus checking on historical details so I don’t end up with holes and XXX’s all over my text as place markers.  Most recently, I finished chapter 9 without looking ahead to chapter 10 and realized I changed the plot midway, messing up a fairly significant plan I had for 10.  *sighs*

 So, goals for the rest of the week:

  1. Resubmit “Blossoming” and at least one other story.
  2. Clean out my completed stories file and make a start on organizing the WiP files.
  3. Finish chapter 10 of Fim and the edit of 9.
  4. Finish one of my WiP short stories.  Time to get back to Bradbury’s story a week technique, I think.
  5. Re-read chapters 1-3 of Dreams again, make editing notes
  6. Get my grad school applications submitted (not writing related, per se, but still a goal)

2 Responses to “Back in the saddle, I hope”

  1. Erastes said

    Hurrah. Of course, I’ve been saying that DOH was good for several years, but what am I? chopped liver, of course.

    I was ostrich-scared of reading the scalzi post – worth doing?

  2. rwday said

    Erastes – the Scalzi post has some good points, though of course some of the advice is not going to apply to you because it deals with the American tax system. He makes a scary amount of money writing, though some of it is from his nonfiction work.

    And of course you’re not chopped liver!

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