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Posted by rwday on June 16, 2008

First, I feel awful for not replying to all the comments on my last post, but time online has been somewhat limited of late. The kids leave on Thursday morning, and things should get back to normal by then.

I’m taking the time to come online now, though to let you all know that Kellie has paid me my first quarter royalty via PayPal. I’m happy about that. However, as of this point, she hasn’t even been in contact with Tina Anderson, and as far as I know, that’s also true of the other Iris authors. Until that’s resolved, I can’t in conscience support the purchase of Iris books, including mine.

ETA:  Kellie has updated on the Iris blog.  I’m glad she’s finally come out with it, but I really think the snarky tone she’s taken about Tina is uncalled for.  Personal dislike does not excuse a person from the standards of good business behavior, and that includes communicating regularly with one’s business associates, whether you owe them money or not.

Also, working at a public law library, I know more than one attorney in sole practice who uses Hotmail, Yahoo, and yes, Gmail as email providers.  I have no idea whether Tina’s rep is a lawyer or not, but you can’t judge someone’s professional status by their email.


11 Responses to “Update”

  1. gynocrat said

    I’m so glad you got that taken care of. Also, thanks for supporting us. 🙂

  2. gynocrat said

    No, I never said Carrie was a layer– and neither did Carrie. She contacted her politely and informed her that she was contacting her on my behalf.

    And I don’t believe her about #3 – my book might be selling only 2 copies a month– but someone is buying it…so she can be angry and pissy all she wants.

  3. rwday said

    Tina – IMO, the point is, whether it’s 2 copies or 2,000 copies, she’s contractually obligated to send you a statement, and if you asked Carrie to deal for you, it doesn’t matter if she was a lawyer or not. Hell, if she’d been a lawyer, you would have had her act as a lawyer and sue long ago.

  4. gynocrat said

    I’m livid right now, because I don’t like bullshit leveled at me. I understand it’s a defense mechanism, we all have them– but calling me out like that, no way.

    I think I just ended my career stateside with my latest blog post, but I don’t care. I’m sick of it.

  5. […] one of the writers, R.W. Day, says she has now been paid by Lynch, via Paypal. That leaves everyone else still paycheck-less, but it’s a […]

  6. Alex D M said

    I’m glad you’ve received your payment, finally. Here’s hoping she starts communicating with her other authors and artists. Without snark and immature BS.

  7. […] in on Iris are Kiriko Moth, the cover artist for the never-published BL Twist magazine, and writer RW Day, who has finally been paid (via PayPal). One important note: Contrary to statements made yesterday, […]

  8. I am happy you got your royalties, and I will make sure I do not buy any Iris books in the future. I really hope that Ms. Lynch wises up someday.

  9. Hayden said

    For what it’s worth, I wrote an entry about your previous post at my blog. I reviewed your book there, and I even got a GLBT YA blog to pimp it out. Now I have to tell everyone not to buy your book? Sucks, man.

    I’m glad you finally got your money, but the way everything’s been handled from Kellie’s end really stinks.

  10. Hayden said

    Forgot to give you the link to my post. It’s over here:

  11. rwday said

    Hayden, thanks for th elink and for the support. I’m really hoping to have the book available from another publisher once Iris is actually closed. If nothing else, I’ll put it up on Lulu.

    Michael, thank you. I hope she does too. I’m sure this whole thing has been a learning experience for her. Certainly has been for me.

    Alex, thanks. And yes, snark really does have no place in professional communications. That’s what private blogs are for. 😉

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