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Posted by rwday on July 15, 2008

I heard from Kellie – the final day of sales for Thaw will be July 31, after that, Iris is officially shut down.  She’s got quite a bit of stock left over, and I can have what I want for the cost of postage.  If I don’t take them, they’ll probably be destroyed.

So the question is, do I take a  load of books and try to sell them privately, or do I shop the manuscript around and try to get it republished by someone else?  I doubt I’ll get a lot of publisher interest if the book is already readily available in the Iris version, but on the other hand, I’m not sure how much interest I’ll get in any case – the book has been out for a couple of years and while it’s sold steadily, it hasn’t exactly set the literary world on fire.  So I might be better off selling signed copies through Amazon or Ebay.

And to be honest, though I’m very proud of Thaw, it’s not where I am now, and considering how hard I’m finding time to write anything, I’m inclined to spend my time on new projects than revisiting what I wrote 4 years ago.



7 Responses to “Question”

  1. gynocrat said

    I got an Alibris Seller account for Gadarene. It’s a small fee, but you’ll be able to sell as a vendor at Barnes/Noble, and Borders– as for Amazon, you could sell through them with the ‘I have a copy to sell’ – but I can tell you right now about eBay: Dead end. :/ We sold little to nothing through eBay.

    ^_^ Good luck.

  2. gynocrat said

    you’ll be able to sell as a vendor at Barnes/Noble

    Meant to say ‘resell’ as a vendor. ^_- Just make sure you list it as ‘new’ acquired from publisher and signed by author. 🙂

  3. rwday said

    Thanks, Tina – good advice. I knew about Amazon, as I’ve sold books there before, but hadn’t thought about Alibris or B&N.

  4. JenB said

    Okay, I am waaaaayy late on this, but I have to say…THAW is an incredibly popular book among m/m romance fans, especially those that enjoy fantasy. It comes up at least monthly on the Amazon forums, I’ve seen it mentioned several times on my own m/m discussion group on Yahoo, and it’s got quite the little cult following. In fact, I usually see it mentioned in the same paragraph as Ginn Hale’s WICKED GENTLEMEN and Hajicek’s GOD EATERS. That alone is pretty lofty praise.

    I don’t know that a “little cult following” is any help when it comes to paying the bills, but I’d hate to see the book go away. I’m a reader/reviewer and not an author, so I may be talking out of my a** here, but I’d seriously consider shopping it to Laura Baumbach (MLR Press) or Nicole Kimberling (Blind Eye Books). Alien Perspective and Linden Bay also publish that “next level” of m/m books that don’t really fit in at the erotica pubs.

  5. rwday said

    Thank you, JenB – I really appreciate both the praise and the recommendations. What I think I’ve decided to do is to take a few crates of books and hold them, then make an attempt over the next year to resell my rights. If I do, then I’ll destroy the Iris editions. If not, then I’ll sell them till they’re gone.

    Again, thanks!

  6. I want you to know, I’m interested in reprinting your book. Very interested.

  7. rwday said

    Steve, thank you!

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