Rebecca Day

New Edition of Thaw!

Posted by rwday on January 22, 2009

I should have posted about this earlier, but I’m up to my neck in readings and school project, and that’s pushed just about everything else out of my mind – this semester is going to be rough.

Anyway, the Lethe Press edition of A Strong and Sudden Thaw is available with a shiny new cover!


Also available for pre-order as a print edition on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other places as well!


9 Responses to “New Edition of Thaw!”

  1. Bruce said

    Wow! What a beautiful cover! I have the first edition, but may have to buy this one just for the picture on the front! But what about the sequel? I am curious about your plans for the characters–have you started? Is Steve going to publish it? I’m anxious and ready for more! I loved the first one!


  2. rwday said

    Hi Bruce,

    Thank you for your kind comments! At this time, there aren’t any firm plans for the sequel. Without giving too much away, there are two major plot lines and I’m very dissatisfied with one of them, so I need to do some substantial rewriting. Comments like yours really motivate me to get back to it – I just need to find more hours in my day.

    Thanks again!

  3. Kam Oi Lee said

    Congratulations! I have the first edition, but wish i had this one too for the great cover art. I’d like to add my voice to the clamor for a sequel!

  4. Sarah said

    Gorgeous cover, Anne does such beautiful work. I am so pleased this has come out in ebook and I have the opportunity to read it. Have heard about the PB version from several people and am throughly enjoying it so far. 🙂

  5. rwday said

    Thanks Kam Oi Lee, it really is lovely, isn’t it? I actually had some thought about what to do to fix the sequel just the other day, so if I can get my school work under control, I might be able to start some serious work on it. *hopes*

  6. rwday said

    Sarah, I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it – hope you continue to, and thank you for buying the book! I’m very happy it’s available in ebook format. I admit I’m not a huge ebook reader, but I like the idea as it’s a cost savings for the reader and better for the environment. Thanks!

  7. Sarah said

    Am at page 201 and have hardly been able to tear myself away all day. It’s a wonderful read.

    I primarily read ebooks as postage is often prohibitively expensive as I don’t live in the US. So, getting ebooks is not only instant gratification with no waiting for them to be shipped, but as you mentioned cheaper and less trees. 🙂

  8. steve cova said

    I wrote to you a while ago to say how much I enjoyed your novel and glad to see is is out in print again. Hopefully you will have beet luck with the royalties this time. Having read your main blog I am not surprised you can’t find the time for the sequal. Hope it does arrive eventually and good luck to your hubbie in his search for employment…..Steve (Manchester UK)

  9. rwday said

    Steve, thank you so much for taking the time to write again. I’m really hoping to find time for the sequel now. It’s done, but as I’ve said, I’m just not happy with a large part of it because, frankly, it was written when I was still participating in a lot of fandom-related writing and I think it shows. The writing is fine and there are parts of it that I think are tremendously good, but some of the plotting reflects a fanfic influence that just isn’t where I am now. At least now I think I know what to do to fix it, so there’s hope, if I can just get my schedule under control and get to it.

    Thanks again!

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