Rebecca Day


Posted by rwday on February 6, 2009

The new edition of A Strong and Sudden Thaw has picked up a few reviews –

Well Read

Reviews by Jessewave


These are great reviews and I’m thrilled to have them, and this gives me an opportunity to explain my ‘policy’ on reviews.  I read any review I’m made aware of, and I’m grateful for all of them, positive or not, because the very fact that someone took the time to read and then respond to my book is just incredible.  However, I generally don’t reply to reviews unless the reviewer is a personal friend, someone with whom I would communicate anyway.

The reason for this is that I don’t Google myself ever, and even if I did, I couldn’t possibly know about every review.  If I start commenting on reviews and I miss one, or two, or twenty, I don’t want those reviewers to think that I’m ticked off at them or blowing them off.  Plus, once you start responding to reviews, it’s so easy to start arguing with reviews you don’t necessarily agree with, and that road leads to Anne Rice wankery. 

I figure that reviews are not written for me.  They’re written for potential readers, to either encourage them to read or warn them off.  Book reviewers, most of whom are unpaid, do a great service to authors and I appreciate each and every one, so thank you!


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