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Posted by rwday on February 24, 2009

I finally got around to updating my profile on my LJ – I didn’t have a couple of my sales listed, and had actually forgotten to update the listing for Thaw with the marvelous new Lethe Press edition.  It was still listed as being from the Publisher Who Must Not Be Named.  I never did get my final royalties from them, but at this point, I’m done and am moving on.  I’m much better off with Lethe, definitely.

Thaw is #15 on Amazon’s gay fiction bestseller list!  I’m sure by the time anybody reads this post it will have slipped, but still, I’m very happy about  that.  If I could figure out how to do a screenshot on this Mac, I’d preserve it for all time.  

Speaking of happy, I got an email from Edmund Schubert of IGMS asking the contributors to the forthcoming edition (including me) to contribute to the blog, and I discovered that I’m sharing a ToC with Peter S. Beagle.  It doesn’t get much better than that!  Okay, this is a bit like one time at a convention when I was on the same elevator as the guy who played Dr. Franklin on Babylon 5, a chance brush with fame, but hey, it’s as close as I’m likely to get unless I get back to writing seriously.

I have the Thaw sequel open and intend to do at least 1/2 hour’s editing.  Maybe having spent so much time away from it will give me enough distance to be able to be impartial.  I think the first step will be to just start rereading, get a feel for the story again and remind myself who these people are and what the world they live in is like.  Though I look at what’s going on in our world – climate change, corrupt governments, riots and economic collapse, etc., and think that maybe I won’t have to do too much research to get back into my post-apocalyptic vision.  Life imitating art and all that.


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  1. gynocrat said

    I have a question, where did you get your rank at Amazon from? I’ve tried to find ‘gay fiction’ category under Books in order to find a ranked list and I can’t. :/

    Also, you never got paid? I’m sorry to hear that.

  2. rwday said

    Hey Tina, I actually got there from a link on Thaw’s Amazon page, but it looks like you can select Bestsellers then Books then Gay & Lesbian. There’s a list there for all GLBT material, including nonfiction and all fiction, or you can narrow further by selecting Literature & Fiction, then Fiction, then Gay. Direct link here –

    And thanks. I honestly don’t care about the money anymore. It looks like the new edition is selling as well or better than the other one ever did anyway.

  3. I hope to see the sequel. 🙂

    Your copies should arrive any day.

  4. rwday said

    Hi Steve,

    I’ll definitely send it to you when I get the bugs worked out. And thanks for the update on the copies!

  5. gynocrat said

    Thanks for the link!

    Yeah, I’ve more about $280 worth of Only Words since getting the books and selling through Advantage. I think Gadarene helped. 🙂 I guess that’s the normal trend eh, sell the old work by releasing new stuff.

    Good luck!

  6. rwday said

    Thanks Tina, and that’s great news about Only Words!

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