Rebecca Day

Author Copies!

Posted by rwday on March 3, 2009

I got home from the hair salon and there was a booky-looking box on my porch.  My author’s copies of A Strong and Sudden Thaw plus a bonus, a copy of Steve Berman’s Vintage, which is one of those books I’ve been meaning to order for a long time.  It’s been a very yucky day, so I think I’m going to cuddle up with it and lose myself in a ghost story.  Thank you, Steve!

I’m really impressed with the production value of Thaw, btw.  The print is easy to read and clear, the binding seems strong.  It’s a bit taller than the Iris edition and thinner, which I think is a good thing from a sales point of view.   There really is nothing like holding your book in your hand.  The only experience I can relate it to is the first time you hold your baby.  And in some ways, it’s even better – your book is almost certainly not going to pee or vomit on you.  😉


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