Rebecca Day

Urn of Ravalos on IGMS

Posted by rwday on March 3, 2009

My story, “Urn of Ravalos,” is up on the latest edition of Intergalactic Medicine Show.  Issues cost $2.50, and you get access not only to my story, but to 4 others, including one by Peter Beagle.  That’s a bargain, and it allows this market to pay pro rates.  This is a good thing.

An even better thing?  Each story has an illustration, and mine is gorgeous.  It’s done by an artist named James Owen.  I’d not heard of him before, but he’s obviously got a LOT of talent, and he’s perfectly captured the feel of my story which is about a young mage turned pirate whose past catches up with him.  I’ve copied the image in below, though it may take me a few edits to get it to show up right.


The Urn of Ravalos

The Urn of Ravalos


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