Rebecca Day

Sequel Update

Posted by rwday on May 11, 2009

Good news!  Steve Berman of Lethe Press has contracted for the sequel to Thaw.  As soon as I wrap up my last exam and finish off the semester, I’m going to go into revision overdrive, rewrite what needs to be rewritten, cut what needs to be cut, and get it sent off before I start summer semester on June 18.  Or soon thereafter – I might as well be realistic.

Anyway, for those who have been asking about the sequel, looks like it’s going to happen.


7 Responses to “Sequel Update”

  1. Erastes said


  2. Chris Smith said

    Brilliant Stuff!!!

  3. rwday said

    Erastes and Chris, thank you!

  4. Marion said

    Yay!!! *starts saving*

  5. rwday said

    Thanks, Marion!

  6. Keira said

    I’m actually just rereading Thaw now and came here to check on the sequel status. So glad to hear it’s happening! I do admit to some trepidation after reading your post of several months ago about HEA and the sequel. I totally agree with you about HEA not being realistic, but I rarely crave realism in my fiction. At least not when it comes to romance. I definitely saw Thaw as a romance and if David and Callan aren’t together in the end it would just make me so sad. I quite enjoy separation and angst and third parties as long as I know my OTP will work through it — as unrealistic as it might be. Sometimes I have to spoil myself for the ending of a book so I can relax and enjoy it or prepare myself for the inevitable heartbreak.

    This isn’t intended to tell you how you should write the sequel — obviously that’s totally up to you! Either way I’ll definitely be reading it. Your comments just made me think about my expectations and desires as a reader. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a hopeless romantic/sap. 🙂

  7. rwday said


    Out of the Ashes (tentative sequel title) is definitely more romance than Thaw is – I see Thaw more as science fiction with romance elements. I’m not going to give any spoilers here because I know I’ve got readers who really hate them, but let me say that even if you are a hopeless romantic/sap, I don’t think you’ll be upset by the ultimate ending.

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