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Roadblock – eliminated!

Posted by rwday on May 21, 2009

Revision is not working.  I think I need to take all the sections in my secondary point of view starting from where I lose my way and just rewrite. 

A fresh start is going to be much easier.  I’ve got a basic plot idea, will make use of the same characters and settings as the original version, but I’m sure it will also take new directions that I can’t even begin to predict.  What I had before wasn’t totally awful, but I feel, upon reflection, that it isn’t true to the character, and it just has to go.

I feel like I’ve overcome a real obstacle in this process and am excited about getting on with it, finally!


6 Responses to “Roadblock – eliminated!”

  1. Christopher Wilson said

    Dear Ms. Day,
    I just finished “Thaw” today (after starting it yesterday!) and can only say “Wow”! This was the first book in a long, long, long time that moved me so powerfully. I had never understood before when people would talk about “falling into books”. I mean I would read them and enjoy them, but now I know. Your characters and settings were (paradoxically) unbelievably real. I am glad the sequel is being written, but I can say, in any case, you now have a faithful reader for years to come (the gods willing!) should you choose to continue to write (which I fervently hope you do). I am so glad that among the thousands and thousands of titles begging for attention, I saw yours. I wish you absolutely all the best for the future.
    P.S. After just finishing the book and hungry for more, I stumbled across this blog and started reading the entries from the beginning. Fascinating! I loved the discussions between you and the other authors. The Steve Berman comment and the subsequent republishing of “Thaw” was like a novel in itself. The “roundtable” discussion of HEA was as if I were attending a literary conference (but from the comfort of my own home, as they say). The comment from Travis was heartrending as I can understand where he was coming from. Thanks again. You have an amazing talent and I will do my humble bit to spread the word.

  2. Hello again, Becky. I lost your contact info for a while after a tragic email aggregator accident, but have since found it again. That’s such great news about the sequel to “Thaw”! I’m so glad that everything’s working out (definitely not surprised, though ). I always knew that road-block’s days were numbered. And, on the selfish side, am exceedingly glad that the wait time has transitioned into the foreseeable future…I put that signed copy on the shelf, right next to Mr. DeLint, like I promised Am still an incredibly enthusiastic fan.

    Good luck with the rewrite! As always, best wishes.
    Yours in Admiration,

  3. rwday said

    Christopher, thank you so much for your kind comments. I’m very glad you found my book too. Being paid for my work is great, but the comments of people like you and Travis are what really make this worthwhile.

    I’m sorry I don’t update this blog as often as I should. I’d love to be able to post about my progress on the Thaw sequel, but to be honest, I’m in grad school right now and it’s very hard to get a balance between school, work, family, and writing.

    Again, thank you!

  4. rwday said

    Cassandra – thank you! I’m quite envious of you having a signed De Lint. I think I mentioned before how much his work has meant to me. Most of my early attempts at short stories were badly done De Lint style urban fantasy. Really badly done – it took me a while to understand that as much as writers may be influenced by other writers, we have to find our own voices.

    • Cassandra Strawn said

      By the way, the WeRead social book reviewing website had a listing of Thaw, but no reviews. Allison and I fixed that

      They are still few in number, though, (hint, hint: other readers), so anybody reading this uses WeRead on Facebook or MySpace, you know what to do. And if you don’t, you can use this wonderful application to let people know what you’re reading, and even “chuck” (e.g. suggest) the book at friends. Chucked Thaw at several I thought might like it!


      • rwday said

        Thanks for the reviews, and especially for spreading the word! I’m not on Facebook currently – it’s one of those things I want to get to, but I get too easily distracted by the shiny on the web, and right now, I’ve got to focus on getting this book turned in.


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