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Numbers game

Posted by rwday on July 12, 2009

I didn’t work on the rewrite this weekend, but I have spent a lot of time with the rest of the manuscript doing general cleanup. David is a great character, and I write very easily in his POV, but he does tend to ramble on.

As I was cutting, I started to think about length. Thaw, when it was first submitted, was about 137,000 words. After the editing process through Iris, it was about 122,000, so from original to edited, we cut about 10%. Ashes started out at 150,800 words. I’ve lifted out 20,000 words of rewrite and have no idea what the finished count for those sections will be, but right now, assuming that it’s still around 20k, it stands at 145,600.

I know I’ve got a huge chunk of text coming out of Chapter 27-30 – haven’t really touched those chapters yet, so I’m figuring probably about 140k as a finished length. Of course, if Steve wants me to cut more, I will. The impartial opinion of an editor is so valuable – I learned that with Thaw, where I resisted Kelly’s changes. She had me cut out two subplots that I thought were essential. I was wrong and she was right. It’s a hard but necessary step in a writer’s development to learn that her words aren’t precious drops of speshulness that can’t be altered under any circumstances.

Sadly, some well known writers learn this, then regress when they become famous enough to reject their editors’ advice. Not naming names – I’m sure you all can do that for me.


2 Responses to “Numbers game”

  1. Erastes said

    Well done! Glad you are still being positive


  2. rwday said

    Didn’t see this comment till now – thanks, sweetie!

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