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More progress

Posted by rwday on July 16, 2009

6000 / 20000 words. 30% done!

1,000 words today on the rewritten section and counting. And this is all new content, no cut and paste from the earlier version. It took me about 40 minutes of fairly uninterrupted work (I’m at the day job) to do this. Of course, it might all be crap, but I can sort that out later.

Yesterday I got the end of chapter 28 and beginning of 29 done, will try to finish both of those today, though I’m also attempting to keep a balance between writing and schoolwork and other aspects of my life. Balance is not something I’m particularly good at.

Oh, and following up on my Torchwood post, I did actually get some inspiration from that. I have one character that would not be pinned down as to whether he’d be classified as a ‘good guy’ or not, and it occurred to me that he’s a lot like some of the politicians/bureaucrats in TW:CoE. Not evil. Just weak, self-serving, and wholly human.


2 Responses to “More progress”

  1. writerman242 said

    ah today i did 800 words towards my book..non fiction. and I KNOW some of its crap. but i figure as long as there are words there, they can be edited on another day.

  2. rwday said

    Hey Writerman – that’s good progress! And IMO giving yourself permission to write crap knowing you can fix it later is one of the most important lessons a writer can learn. Crappy words can be turned into good words. A blank screen is pretty much always going to be a blank screen.

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