Rebecca Day

Posted by rwday on July 22, 2009

16732 / 20000 words. 84% done!

Plus 2 chapters left to edit. Two more days, I think. I would have got more done, but the edits for “Magic’s Choice” (my story in Fantasist’s upcoming Blood & Devotion anthology), came in, and I had to start through those. It’s so depressing to see all that metaphorical red ink, especially when it’s so totally deserved. I wrote this story ages ago – the anthology has been much delayed, and my writing has changed. A lot.

Biggest embarrassment? This is a classic S&S fantasy in a medievaloid world and starts in what’s essentially a monastery. My protagonist mentions that in addition to the brothers, there are ‘lady-brothers.’

I can’t believe I actually wrote that. *headdesk*


2 Responses to “”

  1. Erastes said


    No boy pussy?

  2. rwday said

    No, no boy pussy. Which sounds like it might lead to mpreg, so we’re just not going to go there.


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