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Posted by rwday on January 14, 2010

I got off my behind and sent Ashes to Steve today.  The email, with file attached, had been sitting in my inbox while I angsted over it, and today I finally said enough is enough and hit ‘send.’

Yes, there are still parts I’m not thrilled about, and maybe the editors at Lethe can help me sort that out or maybe they’ll think it’s fine, but it’s not going to get any better  (or ever be read!) sitting on my hard drive.


21 Responses to “Finally!”

  1. Erastes said

    hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! hurrah!

  2. ernest said

    thats very exciting news cant wait for updates

  3. Robert said

    WOW! This just made my day! I am sure it will be great. I am excited!

  4. lusiology said

    I’m thrilled to hear you’ve sent in the sequel, even if there are parts you’re dissatisfied with. A Strong and Sudden Thaw has become an ambassador for quality m/m fic amongst my friends.

  5. Stacey said

    I just finished A Strong and Sudden Thaw about 10 minutes ago (which, by the way, was omg-fabulous!) and I came straight to the Internet to try find out whether there would be a sequel. I am absolutely excited that you are working on it!

    p.s. you just gained yourself a new blog stalker. 😀

    • rwday said

      Hey, Stacey, thank you very much!

      As you will have already figured out, I’m the world’s worst blog updater, but you are very welcome to stalk. Hopefully once my life settles down a bit (I’m currently in grad school, plus other stuff), I’ll update more.

  6. Yvey said


    I just finished reading A Strong and Sudden Thaw last night. Absolutely fantastic. Moving and beautifully written and one of my favourite books. I love David and Callan. David’s ‘voice’ really made the book. Now I hear you have submitted a sequel. I am SO happy! I see that Erastes (is that the Erastes – another greater)has also commented – you are in august company indeed.

    As a new comer to gay, m/m fiction it’s wonderful see the high calibre of writing coming out (no pun intended) in recent times.

    All the best with release of the book.

    A British Fan

    • Yvey said

      I meant to say that Erastes was another great writer (finished reading ‘Transgressions’ a couple of weeks ago). Apologies for all the typos. Probably too excited 🙂

      • rwday said

        No worries about the typos, and thank you! Erastes is an excellent author – she and I were active in fandom together for several years and were each other’s beta readers. Thaw is actually dedicated to her, though not by her pen name because it wouldn’t exist without her encouragement and input.

  7. Kendall said

    I also just finished A Strong and Sudden Thaw and it was great! I’m happy to read there’s going to be a sequel. 🙂 Kudos!

  8. Lara Ferox said

    Ohboyohboyohhboy! Finished A Strong and Sudden Thaw about a year ago, and it’s been etched into my heart ever since. However, I’d completely forgotten that there was going to be a sequel until earlier today when someone asked me for some book recs. I immediately dug out my bookmark for this site, and lo and behold, progress! My heart is thumping about 3/4 as hard as it was after I finished the first one. 🙂

    Out of pure curiosity, who did you ship in HP? I’m quite partial to Harry/Draco mahself. ^.^

    • rwday said

      Lara, sorry for not replying sooner. I tended to write Marauders era stuff – Remus/Sirius, Sirius/James, primarily. I enjoyed reading a good Harry/Draco, but never felt I could get the voices right to write them myself.

      • Lara Ferox said

        Aye, it’s difficult trying to give them a sophisticated personality and have it mesh with the canon, since characters in the books can be rather flat. It’s pretty amazing when it’s done well though. Thanks for the reply! 🙂

      • rwday said

        The great thing about (good) fanfiction, IMO, is how it does flesh out the characters so well. JKR did a fabulous job of building a world with so much potential, but yes, some of the characters are pretty one dimensional.

      • Anonymous said

        Word. :3

      • Lara Ferox said

        Woops, that was me.

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