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An update that has nothing to do with me

Posted by rwday on February 17, 2010

Or at least not with my writing.  I finally saw the film version of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince this weekend and I didn’t hate it.  Obviously it left out scenes from the book I would have liked to have seen,  but that’s what happens when you compress 500 pages into 2 hours.  I also realized I didn’t remember large parts of the book, as I only read it once and didn’t care for it, so I am now rereading.

It’s not as bad as I remembered.  I think, given the distance that now exists between fandom and me, I can appreciate HP for what it is – an engaging children’s/YA series.  I spent so much time thinking about it as an adult, trying to work out the implications of the Wizarding world that I forgot it was ultimately just a kids’ series with compelling characters and cool (though sometimes conflicting) concepts.  Not a philosophical system to base my life upon.

Perspective.  I haz it.

Also, I watch the HBO series Big Love, and I was very saddened to hear one of the characters, a closeted Mormon gay man, talk about the things he had tried to do to change his orientation.  Without getting spoilery-y, I deal with that concept in Ashes, and it makes me soul-sick that things I imagined only happened in the past, or in my dark-ish future, are still alive and kicking in our world.


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