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Edits are In!

Posted by rwday on July 23, 2010

I received the publisher’s edits on Ashes yesterday and started in on reviewing them.  As it doesn’t look like they’ve requested any major rewrites or changes, I should have the manuscript back to Lethe no later than Saturday. 

I have to say, I can’t imagine this process pre-computers and the Internet.  Mailing big bulky manuscripts back and forth, retyping the entire book instead of just easily making changes in Word – ick.  I may love history, but I’m glad I live now.


47 Responses to “Edits are In!”

  1. Elise said

    Hooray! I really can’t wait fot the book to come out. 🙂

  2. avivs said

    so happy!!!

  3. cecilegrey said

    How exciting!

  4. Tim said

    Very good news!

  5. Kristin said

    Eee! So excited! Do you know if it’ll be out for Kindle around the same time as the paperback?

  6. Robert said

    YES! I am so excited.

  7. Yvette said

    This is great news. Whenever the book appears it will be worth the wait.

    You are right- How on earth did authors pre-computer/Word, manage the process?

    • rwday said

      Thank you Yvette – sorry it’s taken me almost 2 months to reply. 😦 I hope you enjoy the book, and I honestly don’t know how they managed – they had to be very disciplined and motivated, which unfortunately I am not, especially these days.

  8. charles said

    I just can’t wait for the Ashes!!! Rebecca, you’re golden and genious and I love you and your story!

    Without any shadow of doubt, I’m buying it when it is out. Just a question: is it going to be avaiable digitaly or printed only? Anyway, I’m reading it no matter how!

  9. yukitomiko said

    OMG! I discovered this story like 1 month ago, and i can’t hardly wait!!!! i’m dying here!!!! XD

  10. CR said

    Any word on when actual publication will happen? The date’s been pushed back a few times now and I”m excited to get to read it at last!

  11. avivs said

    guys, look at the cover from AMAZON…

    very nice and unusual.

    • Glad you like the cover. The books start shipping this week!

    • rwday said

      Avivs, thank you for posting the link and reminding me I need to do a post on it myself. Unfortunately, now that work is starting to track Internet use, my online time is now limited to about half an hour before work and whatever time I can manage to stay awake past 9 pm, and half of that is taken up by grad school stuff. 😦

  12. Riwanon said

    I love the cover! It’s really beautiful and touching, very unusual for fantasy, sure. I can’t wait to read the book, it’s kind of annoying how amazon has a publication date in their site when it’s clear that it’s not the right one.

    • rwday said

      Riwanon, I don’t know where Amazon gets their dates – there’s a book I’ve been trying to get from them for 2 years and the date keeps moving, so I know how annoying it is.

      And thank you! I think the cover is very well done.

  13. erenst said

    great cover just love it, we’ve been waiting for it to appear well worth waiting for, now we just need a release date 🙂

  14. avivs said

    rebecca, i’m so happy for you!
    can’t wait!

  15. Feliz said

    Dear R.W.Day,

    according to Goodreads “Ashes” has been released already, but I seem unable to get ahold of it. Where can I buy a copy? Is there an ebook format release?
    Thanks in advance Feliz

    • rwday said

      Feliz, I’m not sure – I didn’t know it was released yet. Steve from Lethe says it’s shipping this week and I think the ebook is available. I’ve had my online/computer time drastically cut lately and have been very bad about keeping up with what’s going on with the book.

  16. Riwanon said

    Is it already out? Wow, I want it! Does anyone know if it is going to be in bookdepository soon (since they have thaw)?

  17. The ebook can be found here:

  18. Robert said

    I just order the book from Amazon. I am reading the sample now. It is so funny that I went on this website for 2 months and saw no updates because I was looking in the wrong spots. I happed to look on Amazon. Also, I emailed the publisher too. I am just really excited. I am really happy for you Rwday!

  19. yukitomiko said

    OMG!! I didn’t know it was out already, thank god!!!

  20. Ernest said

    Iv just ordered Ashes on amazon & cant wait for it to get to me. I noticed that a strong & sudden thaw is #46 on amazons top 50 best gay novels, thats great but i think it should be higher.

  21. Kaleb said

    Ms. Day!
    This posting isn’t in regard to Ashes, though I can’t articulate how ecstatic to read! It’s at the top of my “books to purchase” list. Rather, this I just a thought about Thaw. You may or may not have heard this song, but Sarah McLachlan’s song “Do What You Have To Do” fits so perfectly into the part of Thaw where David resolves not to be with Callan, as he thinks it is best for both of them. The first verse isn’t as applicable, but the two following verses are very much applicable in my opinion. Just a tidbit of a thought I felt inclined to share with you. 🙂



  22. Liz said

    I’d happened to just check on Amazon on a whim to see if Ashes was out yet, a couple weeks ago – and bought it within 30 seconds of realising that it was! It stood as a semi-belated extra birthday present for my wife, so she gets to read it first, while I’m amusing myself by reading through Thaw again.

    I’m very excited to read it. My wife and I were both big, big fans of Thaw (we each read it within a day) and Cath’s saying that Ashes is even better. I can’t wait!

    • Liz said

      Update – I’m halfway through and completely blown away. Not only do you manage to build this enthralling world and characters that, even though some are only barely mentioned, you still come to care about, but you’ve managed to craft a story – one of the only that I’ve ever read – that has characters’ sexuality being a big part of who they are and why things happen to them without it being a big part of the plot itself… If that makes sense.

      Basically, you are an amazing writer and I’m deeply looking forward to anything else you ever publish.

  23. Anthony said

    I just wanted to say how thoroughly I enjoyed Out of the Ashes Ms. Day! I refused to put it down and ended up finishing it much too soon. Thank you sooo much for such a wonderful book!

  24. Ernest said

    Just finished out of the ashes & i loved it truly fantastic. You create such a vivid world at times it feels like you’re actually there. Thank you for writing the follow up to thaw it was well worth the wait. Will there be more books from this world you created or is this the final ? If so what else are you working on ?
    Thanks again

  25. steve cova said

    Just to say I have just downloaded the book to my Kindle and and am reading it now – enjoying every page so far. Thanks and glad to see you are okay as noticed you haven’t updated your Live Journal for some time.

    Steve – Manchester UK

    • steve cova said

      Finally finished. What a lovely read and so glad for such a positive ending. There were times I thought the ending might be very different. Thanks again for two such wonderful books and such a well conceived word.

  26. avivs said

    finished the book!
    i can’t believe that i liked it more than the first one, but i did!
    so AMAZING.
    thank you, Rebecca!

    i will write a review on AMAZON soon.

  27. Riwanon said

    I just finished the book and I have to say that I’ve loved every single part of it (though I’ve cried and feel pain along with the characters in some parts). It’s amazing how when I started reading I just couldn’t stop until I finished it (in less than four days ^-^U). I also want to know if we’ll see more of Callan and David ^^.
    Thank you for everything!

  28. Aviv said

    What has happend? Why don’t you write anymore?

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