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Welcome to my writing blog. What you’ll find here is the musing, whining, and occasional ranting of a writer at work. I’ll post the occasional piece of free fiction, submission calls, recommendations for books and stories I’ve enjoyed and generally anything pertaining to the written word. What you won’t find is much about my personal life, my SCA career and weaving, politics, etc. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, please check out my Live Journal.

I hope you’ll feel free to poke around, explore the various pages and entries (once there actually are some) and please, feel free to comment on anything that strikes your fancy. Or that pisses you off, for that matter.


14 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. DS said

    I read a sample from A Strong and Sudden Thaw and really like it– it was the sample Amazon downloads to the Kindle ebook reader. Anyway, I have put off buying it until the problem with your publisher clears up. Have you heard anything yet? The download is still for sale on Amazon but again I wanted to make sure you were going to be paid before I bought the book.

  2. rwday said

    DS, thank you so much for asking. At this point, I have been paid my first quarter royalties, am fairly sure the second will be on their way. The publisher is communicating with the other authors, and I’d love for you to buy the book.

    I really hope you like it!

  3. Garland said

    Just Got finished reading A Strong and Sudden Thaw. It awesome, being from Richmomd it was fun to see places I know in the book. Although I had to get it from the San Diego State university Library. It was worth the wait can’t wait for Out of the Ashes.

  4. Robert said

    I just finished A Strong and Sudden Thaw less than 5 minutes ago. WOW!!! I never have sought out an author or contacted someone to tell her I admired her work, but I had to for you. The love story was great, and the plot was unique. The best compliment I can give you is that I didn’t want to finish the book, because I did not want it to be over. I have never had that experience, and I have read many great books.
    I browsed through you website–thank god for google– and noticed that there is a sequel in the works. PLEASE tell me that everything is working out because I am very excited. I am going to post a review on Amazon (where I purchased the book) and write to Lethe Press to express how well written the novel is and just a joy to read. I have never posted a single review on Amazon; I just liked your writing that much! I hope you comment back or e-mail me.

  5. rwday said

    Garland, thank you, always good to hear from a fellow Virginian! Sorry it took so much effort to get the book, but I’m glad it was worth it.

    And Robert, thank you for the Amazon review and the letter to Lethe. I truly appreciate the time you’ve taken to email and comment!

  6. Jarrett said

    I am just wondering if you are planning on having your publisher release A Strong and Sudden Thaw in another ebook format besides Kindle?…. (I am getting Barnes and Noble’s nook)

  7. Kaleb said

    Have you read Kirby Crow’s Scarlet and the White Wolf trilogy? They are AMAZING! Just a suggestion for some great m/m reading, knowing how much you read, and how much of your own writing ability you attribute to your reading. One of the most memorable trilogies I have ever had the pleasure of reading. They almost reach the standard of A Strong and Sudden Thaw, but not quite. =)

    1. Scarlet and the White Wolf: The Pedlar and the Bandit King
    2. Scarlet and the White Wolf: Mariner’s Luck
    3. Scarlet and the White Wolf: Land of Night (my favorite!)

    Thanks again for your beautiful work!


  8. Thought you might be interested in submitting something sexy to our site.

    • rwday said

      Jennifer, thank you for the offer. I’m not really doing much writing until I finish with grad school, but I definitely appreciate the thought.

  9. RAD said

    Rebecca…I just finished reading “A Strong and Sudden Thaw”…it’s in our local public library collection here in Rio Rancho, NM. I was transfixed on it all! Who said female writers couldn’t write great gay men’s fiction! I am a gay male age 77. Finally coming out to close friends as well as my wife around five years ago (it’s been rough at times, but I’m still with her).

    I searched your name on the Internet and found a site where I could read the first chapter. You have me hooked again. I’m going to buy “Ashes” next. Please don’t let Collin & David come to a tragic misfortune….I look for more!
    Thanks so much. – Dick

    • Cleo said

      *Callan. <<
      Sorry, it was bugging me. Confusing, too, because one of my characters is named "Callen" and every time I'm rereading Thaw or Ashes, I find myself mistyping the name right and left.

  10. Cleo said

    Why is it every time I find some trace of you online, it’s almost a year old? Did you fall off the planet as soon as Ashes released? ;_; (And if so, does that mean there’s no possibility of you finishing the epic saga from outer space? Even if I hire a shuttle to send you a laptop?)

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