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Edits are In!

Posted by rwday on July 23, 2010

I received the publisher’s edits on Ashes yesterday and started in on reviewing them.  As it doesn’t look like they’ve requested any major rewrites or changes, I should have the manuscript back to Lethe no later than Saturday. 

I have to say, I can’t imagine this process pre-computers and the Internet.  Mailing big bulky manuscripts back and forth, retyping the entire book instead of just easily making changes in Word – ick.  I may love history, but I’m glad I live now.


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Just a quick note

Posted by rwday on July 12, 2010

Progress is being made on Ashes – a cover artist has been assigned and I’m in contact with him.  Steve says the edits are nearly done and I should have them soon!

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Ashes Update

Posted by rwday on June 16, 2010

I’ve had more than a few requests for information and I wish I had more to tell you.  The release date is now in July, but as of yet, I haven’t had the edits yet, so I’m not sure how firm that date is.  I’d like to post a short excerpt, but I’m not willing to do that till I see edits, as I don’t want to post something the publisher wants cut.  Too much like viewing a movie preview and then watching the movie and finding out the cool scene you saw ended up on the cutting room floor!

Anyway, I appreciate all the comments and encouragement even if I’m not that great at prompt replies, and I promise, as soon as I have any information at all, I will share it here.

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Why you all are fabulous!

Posted by rwday on April 20, 2010

I really should do better at responding to comments in a timely fashion. If I was, I’d have noticed that Ernest reported that Out of the Ashes is listed on Amazon with a June 13, 2010 release date.

I don’t have any more information than that, and I’m not 100% sure of how official or correct this is – I’m going to email Steve as soon as I get home (can’t access email from work, sadly), but still, it’s great news, and I wanted to share!

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An update that has nothing to do with me

Posted by rwday on February 17, 2010

Or at least not with my writing.  I finally saw the film version of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince this weekend and I didn’t hate it.  Obviously it left out scenes from the book I would have liked to have seen,  but that’s what happens when you compress 500 pages into 2 hours.  I also realized I didn’t remember large parts of the book, as I only read it once and didn’t care for it, so I am now rereading.

It’s not as bad as I remembered.  I think, given the distance that now exists between fandom and me, I can appreciate HP for what it is – an engaging children’s/YA series.  I spent so much time thinking about it as an adult, trying to work out the implications of the Wizarding world that I forgot it was ultimately just a kids’ series with compelling characters and cool (though sometimes conflicting) concepts.  Not a philosophical system to base my life upon.

Perspective.  I haz it.

Also, I watch the HBO series Big Love, and I was very saddened to hear one of the characters, a closeted Mormon gay man, talk about the things he had tried to do to change his orientation.  Without getting spoilery-y, I deal with that concept in Ashes, and it makes me soul-sick that things I imagined only happened in the past, or in my dark-ish future, are still alive and kicking in our world.

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Posted by rwday on January 14, 2010

I got off my behind and sent Ashes to Steve today.  The email, with file attached, had been sitting in my inbox while I angsted over it, and today I finally said enough is enough and hit ‘send.’

Yes, there are still parts I’m not thrilled about, and maybe the editors at Lethe can help me sort that out or maybe they’ll think it’s fine, but it’s not going to get any better  (or ever be read!) sitting on my hard drive.

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Rainbow Awards!

Posted by rwday on December 15, 2009

I’ve just turned in my last assignment for the semester, so hopefully tomorrow I can get caught up with the comments here I haven’t replied to (sorry!) and get on with some writing.

I did want to mention that Thaw did very well in the 2009 Rainbow Awards. I’m incredibly grateful and pleased, and should have blogged about it much sooner than this.  Congratulations to all the other winners!

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That Lambda Thing

Posted by rwday on September 27, 2009

I’ve read a number of good posts on the decision by Lambda Literary Foundation to essentially limit their awards to GLBT writers, and I guess I want to get my own thoughts out there, for what they’re worth.

While I think sexuality is a continuum and very few people are totally ‘straight’ or totally ‘gay,’ I consider myself primarily heterosexual, and I certainly have not had the experiences that a lesbian woman would have had. This means that when I’m writing gay characters, I have to do research and draw from my imagination and empathy, and it’s possible that the resulting fiction may be less authentic than a comparable book written by a lesbian or gay man. I’ve seen that argued – that the awards have to change because straight writers can’t portray the gay experience as well as gay writers can.

And if so, that ought to be apparent to the Lambda judges, who are, presumably, members of the GLBT community.

I’ve seen it argued that there’s so much crap written by female M/M writers that it’s necessary to limit the contestants to members of the community. Um, yeah. Because crappy shapeshifting were-tiger slash always gets nominated. Or not. Seriously, badly written crap that fetishizes gay men is not going to be shortlisted for the Lambdas no matter what the sexual orientation of the author is any more than girl-on-girl porn for straight guys is going to be winning any awards.

We come back to the judges, who are members of the community. I have faith that they’re able to identify outstanding works that portray authentic GLBT themes and characters. If that is the goal of the awards.

But apparently, it’s not. Apparently the goal is to support and nurture writers who identify as GLBT. That’s not a bad goal – actually, it’s a fine goal, but it does represent a shift in priorities, and I think the better way for LLF to have handled this would be to announce the new priorities BEFORE submissions began.

I’ve also seen discussion using the analogy of race or gender. Should men be eligible for awards for women’s fiction, for example? I think that depends on the stated goal of the award. If it’s to honor women writers, then no. If it’s to honor books that accurately depict the experience of women, then as long as the book does that, I don’t care if it’s written by the biggest misogynist in the world. I judge a book by what is in that book, period. But that’s just me, and I recognize LLF’s right to structure their awards any way they please. I just think literary awards ought to be first and foremost about the literature.

Finally, LLF used the whole Amazonfail thing as an argument for their position, but Amazon did not target queer writers. They targeted queer-themed writing.

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New Bunny!

Posted by rwday on September 14, 2009

A new plot bunny has come to live at my house.  He’s Russian, and he’s making me research Faberge eggs.  Oh, the horror, having to look at tons of pictures of exquisite works of jewelry art! Okay, I’m also having to research bombs, which is less exciting, and makes me worry that I’m going to end up on some Homeland Security list.

Seriously, I’m very excited about this – it’s one of those times where the more I research, the more my plot falls into place,  almost as if it’s meant to be.   Without going into too much detail, my protagonist Alexei is an up and coming jeweler with Faberge who catches the eye of a cynical nobleman and gets drawn into the world of the aristocracy.  Unfortunately, his older brother is a dedicated Bolshevik who is more than willing to use Alexei to advance the revolution.  Drama (and a bit of sex) ensues.

One thing I’ve already learned – the Russians had a fairly enlightened attitude about homosexuality back then, at least compared to the rest of Europe.  This is going to be fun!

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Title Woes

Posted by rwday on August 25, 2009

One of the things I’m doing while I’m waiting to submit the manuscript (in addition to working a ton of extra hours) is trying to come up with a title. I don’t really like my working title, and titles in general have never come easy for me.

I see other books’ titles and they always (mostly) seem so perfect – the ones I’m looking at on the book cart here at the library are: Heretic, The Villain, The Ranch. Simple. Basic. You get an idea of what the book might be about (a heretic, a villain, a ranch).

Or titles taken from lines in the book. To Kill a Mockingbird, brilliant. Or from the theme – Gone with the Wind.  Or character names – Rebecca. *sighs* All the good ones are taken.

One thing for certain, though. I will NEVER title any book I write like this: Title: A Novel.

A Novel.  Well, la-di-da, isn’t that pretentious? You never see genre fiction titled this way – I guess mystery, romance, and SF readers are smart enough to know that what they’re holding in their hands is a novel, not an aardvark.

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