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Novels in Progress

This page will chronicle my ever-growing list of novels in progress and completed novels that for whatever reason aren’t in print. People ask where writers get their ideas – I’ve got no problem with ideas, but follow through? Execution? Ha. Below you’ll find proof that I’m very distractable. Also, you’ll note that I have wide ranging genre interests – everything from romance to mystery to space opera. The current projects are at the top.

Untitled Gothic cross-genre – This is an expansion of an unsold horror short story called “Orange Blossoms, Like Rain,” which is a Victorian piece about Corrina Partridge, the daughter of a self made man who is married off to an aging magician. He and his lodge have designs on a very special piece of land in post-Civil War American south, and Corrina’s dowry will make it possible for him to purchase it and establish a community dedicated to the magical arts. I can’t really give a full summary/teaser here as I’m still in plotting/research mode on this one.

Out of the Ashes (SF) – this sequel to A Strong and Sudden Thaw continues David and Callan’s story, taking them far from sleepy Moline into new challenges, and new dangers. Status – draft complete, in revision.


Dreams of Houses (Gothic Horror/Lovecraftian) – Miranda thinks she’s met the perfect man in Jack Harvey, who sweeps her off her feet in a whirlwind courtship. He’s cultured, sophisticated, educated, and part of a traditional southern family, the type of family Miranda never had and always wanted. But when circumstances send them back to tidewater Virginia, she discovers that some traditions are best forgotten, and sometimes the price to be paid for family is beyond reckoning. Status – draft complete, awaiting final edit.

Spirals (Suspense) – Alison Porter comes home to settle her mother’s estate to find her childhood home both familiar and strange. A mysterious package at the lawyer’s office opens a Pandora’s box of scandal, mystery, and murder. Status – Complete. (This is my first novel, written for Nanowrimo 2004. I’m rather fond of it, but at this point, I’m not sure it’s publishable.)

Peregrinatio (Historical) – Set in 1138 in the Kingdom of Jerusalem and England, Peregrinatio (which means pilgrimage) tells the story of Beatrice de Courisy, disinherited daughter of a baron of Jerusalem and Simon fitz Ranulf, a Norman fleeing England to expiate his guilt by taking vows as a Templar knight. Status – in progress, 60k words completed. Currently in hiatus.

The Third Miracle (Historical Mystery) – A note of explanation – Peregrinatio started out to be a mystery, but evolved into a straight historical. After about 50k or so of progress, I realized that what I’d done essentially was create an elaborate backstory for characters I wanted to use in another way, so I started TTM. In 1148, Simon and Beatrice, now married, must contend with a baby on the way, a new overlord, a pack of visiting Sicilians, the ongoing chaos of construction… and the murder of a pregnant virgin. Status – in progress, 3 chapters complete. Currently in hiatus.

Horomancy (Contemporary Fantasy) – When Kate was eight years old, two events of significance occurred. Her mother died, and she learned she could control the flow of time. As she comes of age in the turbulent 1960’s, she meets others like herself, and together they try to use their powers to change the world. But changing the world isn’t as easy as it looks, and the consequences of their choices tear the group apart. Now, 30 years later, old friends long thought dead are popping up and Kate is forced to revisit a gift she’d long abandoned to save the world again – this time from herself. Status – in progress, 4 chapters complete.

Summerstorm (Science Fiction/Romance) – Kizzie Highlands has always lived aboard Summerstorm along with the rest of her asteroid-mining family and there’s one certainty in her life – the long-standing feud between the Highlands family and the Darby family. When Rob Darby suggests they heal the breach with a marriage between them, Kizzie reluctantly complies. Disaster strikes, and Kizzie must decide where her loyalties lie. It’s a space opera. Explosions, conspiracy, pirates, you know the drill. Status – in progress, 3 chapters done.

Fimbulvetr (Historical Fantasy/Lovecraftian elements) – In 1000 AD, Norse explorers traveling to the New World brought back more than furs and timber – they awakened an old and powerful being and release it and its progeny upon an unsuspecting world. Northern Europe quickly falls into a new darkness. In a 13th century both like and unlike our own, a bastard-born girl, a heretic priest, a nameless and faceless orphan and the noble-born son of monsters travel separate but connected paths leading either to the end of the tyranny or to their deaths. Status – planning, 3 chapters done. This is probably going to be the first in a planned trilogy.


19 Responses to “Novels in Progress”

  1. erastesdotcom said

    Good Grief.

  2. rwday said

    Good Grief.

    I know. Pathetic when you see it all laid out like that, isn’t it?

  3. Renee said

    OMG. *hides her own novels list* This is an amazing list. I’m also tickled to see a sequel to Thaw (am so getting myself a copy when you publish it). 🙂

  4. rwday said

    It’s an embarrassing list. I’ve written 3 chapters of a dozen novels, and can’t seem to finish any of them.

    As to the Thaw sequel, I’m not very pleased with it right now – I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote it. That will probably be the focus of my next entry here.

  5. Renee said

    Do those three chapters serve as a “contract” to finish the novels? I’m always interested in seeing how other writers wrestle with their WIPs, especially if they happen to have more than two on their plate.

    I wrote 2,000 words as my way of committing myself to this one plotbunny, which won’t be written till sometime next year but which I’m desperate to write all the same.

    Sorry to hear about the Thaw sequel. Hope to hear more about the situation in your blog sometime.

  6. rwday said

    I like the idea of a contract – hadn’t ever thought of that. No, I started these WiPs with the full intent to finish them right then, but for various reasons, abandoned them. I intend to finish them, just not sure when. I think I’ll steal your idea and consider those early chapters contracts.

    As to the Thaw sequel, it’s mostly just me looking back on my writing from a distance of 2 years of at least some improvement in my craft. Awkward, clunky sentences, too much telling, not enough showing. And parts of it read like a really awful hurt/comfort fanfic. You can definitely tell I was still in fandom when I wrote it.

  7. Bernard Brady said

    As a long time former Virginia resident (Richmond, Verona-north of Staunton and Alexandria) I was very pleased to find your book “A Strong and Sudden Thaw” to be about the mountainous areas in Virginia. My four years in Verona remain magical in my memory due to the Blue ridge and the Alleghanies. I hope you do succeed in completing the sequal to your satisfaction. That story line needs to continue. I will be happy to buy it.

    Good Luck With Everything,
    Bernard (Brad) Brady
    now in Albuquerque, NM

  8. rwday said


    Thanks! I actually lived in Virginia Beach when I wrote it, but my son goes to Virginia Tech and it was on the drive to Blacksburg that I got the idea for the book. And the sequel is done – I’m hoping to submit it to publishers in the next month or so.

  9. Adelei said

    -squees excitedly at Out of the Ashes-
    Excuse me while I hyperventilate here in a corner…

  10. ernest said

    Hi There loved your first book truly amazing but i was wondering if there are any updates on when the next one will be published “out of the Ashes “

    • rwday said

      Ernest, thank you! I’ve just finished up my semester’s work (I’m in grad school and it takes up most of my free time) and will have the sequel to the publisher by the first of the year without fail.

  11. kel said

    I absolutely loved A Strong and Sudden Thaw (I’ve re-read it about 4 times now) and am really looking forward to the sequel!

  12. Ernest said

    i see that Out of the ashes has become available on for pre- order & will be out on June 13 2010 is this correct?

    • rwday said

      Ernest, I’m not sure. I haven’t heard anything from Lethe about it, but I’m assuming the publisher would have had to give the info to Amazon, so it’s probably correct.

      Thank you for the heads’ up – I didn’t know!

  13. cody said

    Just finished out of the ashes… brilliant. Your writing is simply stunning. Can we expect a third or is this the end? Would love to know how this plays out!

  14. Cody said

    I’ve been reading a lot since I posted here a year ago, and nothing lives up to “thaw” or “ashes”. Please tell us a third is coming!

  15. Like Cody, I’ve read Thaw and Ashes and was wondering if there is going to be a third book coming. Hopefully as I’ve fallen in love with Callan and David and I was left wondering what happens next. Thank you.

  16. Toya said

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