Rebecca Day

Submission Statistics

Submissions as of 1/6/2009

  • Rotting Branch at Fabled Towers, a whole lot of days
  • The Ninth Wave at Rejected Quarterly, ditto
  • Dry as Dust at Doorways – ditto
  • Legacy of Theo Greene at Aberrant Dreams – ditto
  • The Very Strange Case of Gerald Russell Duckett at Book of Tentacles – 4 days

2008 Statistics

Submissions – 13
Rejections – 9
Sales – 4

2007 Statistics

Submissions – 17
Rejections – 14
Sales – 1

2006 Statistics

Submissions – 81
Rejections – 72
Sales – 8

2005 Statistics

Submissions – 42
Rejections – 25
Sales – 17

(2005 stats are skewed as they include several stories submitted and sold to Torquere during 2004 before I started actually tracking)


2 Responses to “Submission Statistics”

  1. Renee said

    Whoa, you’re able to maintain the short story writing and submitting while working on your novel WIPs! *bows at your feet* I’m so not worthy.

    The publishers you submitted to sound really great. Good luck with them!

  2. rwday said

    Thanks! I guess short stories for me take such a small amount of emotional involvement that I can work them in when I need a novel break. Though most of the ones currently submitted were written when I was in between novels.

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